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A model for organizing cargo transportation between two node stations connected by a railway line which contains a certain number of intermediate stations is considered.

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The movement of cargo is in one direction. Such a situation may occur, for example, if one of the node stations is located in a region which produce raw material for manufacturing industry located in another region, and there is another node station. The process of cargo transportation is followed by the set rule of control. For such a model, one must determine possible modes of cargo transportation and describe their properties.

The class of the solution satisfying nonlocal linear restrictions is extremely narrow.

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It was possible numerically using the Runge—Kutta method of the fourth order to build these quasi-solutions and determine their rate of growth. Let us note that in the technical plan the main complexity consisted in obtaining quasi-solutions satisfying the nonlocal linear restrictions. Furthermore, we investigated the dependence of quasi-solutions and, in particular, sizes of gaps jumps of solutions on a number of parameters of the model characterizing a rule of control, technologies for transportation of cargo and intensity of giving of cargo on a node station.

Event logs collected by modern information and technical systems usually contain enough data for automated process models discovery. A variety of algorithms was developed for process models discovery, conformance checking, log to model alignment, comparison of process models, etc. This paper describes an ROLAP-based method of multidimensional event logs storage for process mining. The result of the analysis of the journal is visualized as directed graph representing the union of all possible event sequences, ranked by their occurrence probability. Our implementation allows the analyst to discover process models for sublogs defined by ad-hoc selection of criteria and value of occurrence probability.

The GIS features vector data shapefiles of allprovinces of the two states. For the census, there is information about linguistic, religious, and social estate groups. The part based on the census features nationality. Both shapefiles include information on gender, rural and urban population. The GIS allows for producing any necessary maps for individual studies of the period which require the administrative boundaries and demographic information.

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Existing approaches suggest that IT strategy should be a reflection of business strategy. However, actually organisations do not often follow business strategy even if it is formally declared. In these conditions, IT strategy can be viewed not as a plan, but as an organisational shared view on the role of information systems.

This approach generally reflects only a top-down perspective of IT strategy. So, it can be supplemented by a strategic behaviour pattern i. Two components that can help to establish effective reaction regarding new initiatives in IT are proposed here: model of IT-related decision making, and efficiency measurement metric to estimate maturity of business processes and appropriate IT.

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Usage of proposed tools is demonstrated in practical cases. RU EN Search. Advanced search. HSE University. RU EN. Higher School of Economics. Priority areas business informatics economics engineering science humanitarian IT and mathematics law management mathematics sociology state and public administration. Underground Capitalist in Soviet Russia.

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Below, IQ. The goal of the symposium is to exhibit cutting edge research at the CCDM, a leading cognitive neuroscience research centre in Russia, and LNC2, a leading European research centre in neuroeconomics, cognitive neuroscience and neural theory. Ahead of CCCP19, the HSE News Service spoke with the conference organizer and several invited speakers about the plan for this symposium and the importance of their research in the field.

Garipov T. In bk. Struminsky K. Research target: Computer Science. Priority areas: IT and mathematics. Language: English. Text on another site. Keywords: machine learning artificial intelligence. Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference. The impact of morphology processing quality on automated anaphora resolution for Russian. Kutuzov A.

A genetic algorithm for autonomous navigation in partially observable domain. Maxim Borisyak , Ustyuzhanin A. Cornell University, The problem of autonomous navigation is one of the basic problems for robotics. Although, in general, it may be challenging when an autonomous vehicle is placed into partially observable domain.

In this paper we consider simplistic environment model and introduce a navigation algorithm based on Learning Classifier System. Improving prediction of stock market indices by analyzing the psychological states of Twitter users. Porshnev A. WP BRP. In our paper, we analyze the possibility of improving the prediction of stock market indicators by conducting a sentiment analysis of Twitter posts.

We use a dictionary-based approach for sentiment analysis, which allows us to distinguish eight basic emotions in the tweets of users. Our results suggest that the Twitter sentiment analysis data provides additional information and improves prediction as compared to a model based solely on information on previous shifts in stock indicators. Single-sentence Readability Prediction in Russian. Karpov N. NY: Springer, Bianchini, M. In: Jeong, J.

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Multimedia Techniques for Device and Ambient Intelligence, pp. Biehl, M. Burger, M. Collins, M.

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In: Dietterich, T. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. Farkas, I. In: Proc. Frasconi, P. In: Kolen, J. Fumera, G. Hashem, S. Hinton, G. Kohonen, T. KI LNCS, vol.

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