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It's the world. I don't know what your hang-up is, but I'm jumping in. Meanwhile, Ludmila's family bickers on and on, too, about how they'll raise money, how they should bury the grandfather and how they might continue to cash his checks. Here's the grandmother screaming at Ludmila's brother, in a passage that could appear at almost any point in the novel:.

Ludmila's Broken English [Book Review]

Perhaps, if you show us it, we might feed you. But remember this. Because even with the strength of a square hammer you're too stupid to feed yourself or your family! Our teeth are lost and broken from chewing your food for you.

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You're worse than a legless dog! Yes, there's a certain linguistic energy here, but it drains away through constant repetition. And who wants to satirize starving, desperate peasants in the Caucasus, anyway? As the Heath brothers wend their improbable way toward Ludmila, the story involving her family sinks lower when an official arrives to investigate the grandfather's pension check.

There's some belabored comedy involving his body -- He's not dead; he's just a sound sleeper! All this silliness culminates in a grisly finale of slaughter and rape.

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Pierre claims that the native dialect Ludmila speaks in Ublilsk is "the language most exquisitely tailored to the expression of disdain. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: Neu.

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Auflage: open market ed. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. DBC Pierre's second novel confirms his place in the ranks of today's most audacious and acclaimed novelists. Retail Price:.

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