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Robinson, Thomas F. Princeton University.

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This chapter reviews the ongoing efforts to use sediment and ice core records to understand the dynamics of oceanic fixed nitrogen N , focusing on recent glacial-interglacial cycles. Research has, up to this point, followed the reductionist approach of trying to reconstruct either changes in the ocean N budget largely through low latitude records or changes in the internal cycling and distribution of N largely through high latitude records.

Nitrogen Cycling in the Open Ocean

However, evidence is building for a coupling of high and low latitude changes, connecting the processes that control the distribution of N in the ocean with those that control the size of the whole ocean N inventory. Discussion begins by considering how the nitrogen cycle of times past may have differed from that of today, followed by an overview of how nitrogen cycle features are recorded in marine sediments. It may seem as though the current view of the past marine N-cycle is highly uncertain, but this should be viewed in the context of the last several decades.

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The anthropogenically derived nitrogen mainly stems from agricultural practices and reaches the oceans via rivers and atmospheric deposition. Therefore, our scientific work at the IOW is focused on a number of aspects of the nitrogen cycle and the human impact:. Last change of this page: IOW Home.

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Nitrogen in the Marine Environment

Biological Oceanography. Publications Working Groups. Analysis of biological data and modeling. Ecology of benthic organisms.

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Marine Nitrogen Cycle Staff. Publication list.

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  6. Laboratory IRMS. Microbial Ecology. Comments or questions about this page go to bays hawaii. Nitrogen Cycling in the Open Ocean Nitrogen is one of the most important elements for biological systems.


    Nitrogen gas N2 from the atmosphere dissolves into seawater at the ocean surface. Nitrogen gas is the most abundant form of nitrogen in the ocean, but is not useful to most living things. Without it, very little nitrogen would available for thousands of other organisms that live near the ocean surface. Ammonium is the form of nitrogen that is most easily consumed by microorganisms.

    Some marine microbes consume nitrite and nitrate, another form of assimilation.